About Us

Our company was established early 2018 by President/Founder Luis Guzman. With extensive experience gained by engaging in the shotcrete industry. We decided to take a huge step towards creating our own legacy. The company was first established as family owned and operated. With time we started recruiting many other experts in the shotcrete industry and our team got even better. Today we consider ourselves to be in the top leaders in the industry due to the extensive experience, skills and knowledge. Having the most top qualified and certified nozzlemen in the industry and highly skilled staff. We manage to take on any obstacle that comes our path. From parking structures, retaining wall systems, seismic retrofit and soil stabilization. 

Every day is a new challenge. Yet, we always strive to tackle our challenges. In our company we treat everyone with respect and equality. Our priorities are always set high.  Every project is treated equally with the same dedication, integrity, and professionalism. Without forgetting quality control. Our client’s interests and satisfaction comes first. No job is too small or too big. Finally, we strive to create the best client relationships and surpass client’s expectations.

Flexible Schedule

Unmatched Quality

Client First