Why Choose Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is the most cost-effective method and trusted application in the concrete industry. It reduces the cost of labor and materials. Shotcrete can increase production by 75% more than typical pour-in-place systems.

Shotcrete can be used almost in anything. From soil stabilization, shear walls, retaining walls, lagged walls, seismic retrofit. Shotcrete is as effective as pour-in-place systems as far as concrete strength, with the only difference being that shotcrete walls are not required to be double-sided form.

Shotcrete can be much safer than pour in place method since the weight of the wall is measured by consistency, consolidation, hydration, and manageable substantial lifts. This creates a lower risk of wall blowouts caused by doubled-sided poured walls.

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Structural ShotcreteStructural Shotcrete
Seismic RehabSeismic Rehab
Retaining Wall SystemsRetaining Wall Systems
Parking StructuresParking Structures
Soil RetentionSoil Retention
Water BasinsWater Basins
Basement WallsBasement Walls

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